Struggling with ADHD?

Do you find it difficult to focus or get things done?

Do you struggle to plan and organise?

Do you feel you're not consistently delivering what you believe you are capable of doing?

Are you struggling to achieve personal, academic or professional goals you've set for yourself?


I specialise in helping adults who have ADHD. I have a masters degree in psychology, and I have ADHD myself. I understand the struggles ADHDers face and I am deeply passionate about helping others with ADHD succeed in life.

I focus on empowering my clients with an understanding of ADHD and how it impacts their lives, and together exploring new thinking patterns, strategies and habits that help them reach their full potential.

In addition to helping others, I enjoy trail running, competitive masters swimming, and off-road triathlons. I am also involved in raising ADHD awareness through sport.


I have a client-centred and CBT / evidence-based therapy and coaching practice. I aim to provide a safe, supportive and empathic environment, and I use proven helping methods that are grounded in science

I have a deep understanding of psychology and how the ADHD brain is wired, and what living with ADHD is like.

As an ADHD specialist, my role to help you understand your ADHD, and work with you exploring those patterns and behaviours that work for and against you, and be supportive partner in helping you you reach your full potential.



Finding the right therapist or coach makes all the difference. Please feel free to contact me to chat about your challenges and how we could potentially work together to help you.