What we cover

Learning about my own ADHD was a turning point in my understanding of the psychology and unique wiring of the ADHD brain. As your ADHD therapist and coach, I’ll not only share this understanding with you, but I’ll also help you to navigate the challenges of living with ADHD, helping you thrive.

My approach is grounded in science and follows clinical guidelines for helping adults with ADHD. Here are the three key hats I wear in our journey together:

  • The Tutor: I’ll provide you with essential information about the neurobiology of ADHD and how it impacts common challenges faced by adults with ADHD. Understanding how your ADHD mind works is the first step toward empowerment.
  • The Therapist: Together, we’ll delve into how ADHD affects your thoughts, emotions, and actions. We’ll uncover any obstacles hindering your personal, academic, or professional life, increasing your self-awareness and understanding.
  • The Coach: We’ll focus on creating concrete and practical strategies, habits and plans for success. I’ll help you leverage your unique strengths and provide practical tools and tips to overcome difficulties. We’ll experiment with different approaches until we find what works best for you.

As your ADHD coach and therapist, my role is to support you in gaining a comprehensive understanding of your ADHD. We’ll collaboratively explore patterns that both support and hinder your progress. Together, we’ll be partners on your journey toward reaching your full potential and truly thriving.

Are you ready to embark on this transformative journey with me? Let’s start unlocking your full potential together!