Join us for the

Run4ADHD Challenge 2022

a Strava segments challenge

Make this your personal challenge 

Run our Strava mountain challenge segments between 18 November and 22 December and help support screening and early intervention for children with ADHD and other mental health difficulties living in disadvantaged communities.

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The Run4ADHD Challenge started out as an entirely personal challenge. I had three operations in 2018 and could not imagine being able to run on the mountain, let alone run a PB again. The Leopard Loop route on the Helderberg was a route I had run many times before. I created the Leopard Loop Challenge segment to track see whether I could get even close to pre-op times and then committed to running the route in November every year. I managed a good time in 2019 and grabbed a couple of new PBs and new PBs in 2020 and 2021.

In 2020 I had an idea. Wouldn’t it be great to turn this personal challenge into fundraiser to support a charity close to my heart, the Goldilocks and The Bear Foundation.

Goldilocks and the Bear Foundation (GB4ADHD)

The Foundation initially focused on providing free screening and early intervention for children struggling with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and has now expanded to providing screening for all mental health barriers to education.

The Foundation relies on fundraising, donations, and volunteers to help children with ADHD and other mental health difficulties have access to the necessary support they need to develop to their full potential.

The Challenge

For 2022, I am happy to announce that we have expanded! You have two routes to choose from for the Run4ADHD Challenge – the original Leopard Run4ADHD Loop Challenge route and the new Stellies Run4ADHD Trail Challenge route on the slopes of Stellenbosch Mountain around Coetzenberg.

We would love for you to join us in the challenge and support GB4ADHD.

Leopard Loop Run4ADHD Challenge

Where: Helderberg Nature Reserve, Somerset West

When: 18 November and 22 December 2022

Distance: 10K

Vert: ~500m

Map and profile: download

Course description: download

Strava Segment: Leopard Loop Run4ADHD Challenge

GPX: download

STELLIES Run4ADHD Trail Challenge

Where: Coetzenberg Centre, Stellenbosch

When: 18 November and 22 December 2022

Distance: 8K

Vert: ~330m

Map and profile: download

Course description: download

Strava Segment: Stellies Run4ADHD Trail Challenge

GPX: download

Join the fun

Step 1: Join the Strava Club

Step 2: Donate to GB4ADHD through backabuddy

Step 3: Tell your buddies you’re running for a good cause and get them to join and/or donate

Step 4: Run the Leopard Loop Run4ADHD Challenge Strava Segment or the Stellies Run4ADHD Trail Challenge Segment as many times as you like between 18 November and 22 December 2022.

Step 5: Share your “trail selfie”. Tag @gb4adhd on Instagram or Goldilocks and The Bear on Facebook, and hashtag #run4adhd

The Run4ADHD Challenge leaderboards will be updated weekly on Strava and at the end of Challenge the Kings and Queens of the Mountain, fastest climbers and downhill speedsters of the year will be announced.

You can still join in the fun if you live outside the Winelands

Join the Strava club, donate to Goldilocks and The Bear, get some running buddies to join you on your own challenge route, share your selfies tagging @gb4adhd on Instagram or Facebook and hashtag #run4adhd.  Share your segment and why it matters to you – who knows, it might just be included in next year’s Run4ADHD Challenge!

2021 Challenge Results

The 2021 Challenge unfortunately seemed to coincided with a couple of big trail races, including Maxi Race and we did not see the same number of runners participating. Alfred took the King of the Mountain crown and Janeske retained her Queen of the Mountain crown, both also grabbing the fastest climbers on the Boom to Leopard Loop segment. I nabbed the speedster title on Downhill Dash segment.




2020 Challenge Results

The 2020 Challenge was quite a race to ‘watch’ as faster and faster course records were being clocked and the course records switching back and forth between Brett, Steve and Alewyn. In the end, Janeske took Queen of the Mountain, and Brett took King of the Mountain, both setting new course records, and were both fastest climbers on the Boom to Leopard Loop segment and the speedsters on Downhill Dash segment.


Leopard Loop Challenge 2020 overall


Leopard Loop Challenge 2020 climbers


Leopard Loop Challenge 2020 speedsters