Book an individual ADHD coaching session

Helping adults with ADHD

Your unique adult ADHD mind needs a personalised plan which explores habits and strategies that work for you.

Helping parents with ADHD TEENS

Parents with teens with ADHD you need parenting strategies that help your ADHD child and family as a whole. 

Helping teens with ADHD

Teenage life is tough enough. With ADHD, you’ll need new skills and strategies that help you in school, sport and social life.

Individual ADHD coaching session. Individual sessions cost R980 (approx. €58) per hour and are online by default.

Set up time to chat

Finding the right coach for you makes all the difference. I am available for a 30 minute chat to explore how ADHD coaching could help you. You can then ask me any questions you might have, and see if the fit is right for you.